Web is always changing

The technology area has been in constant development and it also involves web world. Both visual trends and technical possibilities have been changing. Especially the last few years have seen some radical turns. The ways of connecting to the internet have broadened a lot. Mainly by new devices that have been brought to the market. Until only a few years back the main ways of browsing the internet were desktop computer and laptop. The year 2007 was a milestone for bigger break. It was then that a new product was launched by Apple. The product was iPhone and it became the first super popular smartphone. In year 2009 Apple introduced iPad, a tablet that basically created a whole new market share.

Mobile internet to lead the way

Enormous sale numbers, fast development and huge popularity have brought us to the situation that in the year 2013 the mobile internet will become the most popular. It means that the number of mobile internet users will pass the number of desktop internet users and smartphones and tablets will be the number one tools for browsing the web. For that reason we cannot look at the websites from the desktop-oriented point of view anymore. Besides the physical changes in devices, the way of using those gadgets have also changed.

The internet is spreading

Mobile devices aren’t something unitary and standard. There is a wide range of devices on the market which are made by different companies, they are built on different platforms and come with different parameters. All of that has to be considered when developing a web service. Bigger dividing could be made into smartphones and tablets. The main difference being the size and purpose. But drawing the line might be sometimes complex because of the rich choice in both categories. So there are some smartphones with really large screens and could be viewed as tablets and also tablets with calling functionality and smaller screen. But there are already many other devices with the internet connection. For example mp3 players, video players, game consoles, TV’s etc.

Traditional vs mobile website

If we look the usability of a traditional website on a mobile device, then we see many shortages. When a site has a lot of content which is multimedia rich, with large scale and big in size, it has a great influence on the usability. Large scale means that a user has to zoom in and out a lot to see the content and comprehend the whole site. It’s also difficult to find what you are looking for in a large amount and badly structured information. Last but not least is the financial and time aspect. It takes unnecessarily long time and a lot of bandwidth to download a large-scale website in a mobile network. So it is essential to improve your sites usability by having a modern mobile website besides a traditional one. It means direct benefit through new customers, bigger revenue or increase in traffic. And on top of all it raises the reputation of you.